Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua, Guatemala

This is a story of how Matt started an adventure, and found himself doing and saying things altogether unexpected

In a few days, I will be leaving with my wife and two kids on an adventure. For two months we will be living and working in Antigua, Guatemala. An opportunity crossed our paths that was too good to pass up! I work remotely for my company so why not take advantage?

To some, a trip like this is an unflinching no-brainer. How could you not go?! To others, this trip is the risky and surprising result of questionable decision making. For a long time, I was unequivocally against it. Becoming a husband and father have brought into exquisite relief the depths of my fear and anxiety. Something like this seemed impossible. However, time, wise counsel, and many conversations with my wife have done much to soften this stubborn, fearful heart. This trip is happening. We leave in two days. I am excited.

This post is a sort of ebenezer, a sign post or remembrance of an acute time and place. It is a reminder to myself of how much I’ve grown. As I’ve learned not to be ruled by fear, I am opening myself to discover a life with the potential for wonder. This trip is a testament of the hope that makes wonder possible.

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