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Opportunities are challenging. They’re like a lightning bolt that startles you awake and brings with it a whole new sense of perspective. I recently came across such an opportunity and it was too good to pass up. As a result, I just wrapped up my second week as the newest developer at P’unk Ave.

Changing jobs in the same year that my wife and I bought our first house and only weeks after the arrival of our first child felt crazy. Leaving my awesome job at Arcadia, the place that I’ve worked for 4 years and have loved, also felt crazy. That’s the funny thing about unexpected opportunities, if you’re lucky, they’ll give you something that makes all the crazy things worth enduring.

I’m very lucky. P’unk ave is a place where I will be surrounded by talented people, where my skills will be sharpened and I’ll be challenged in ways that I’m eager to face. I’ve been making websites for 10 years now but after just two weeks, I feel like a little kid jumping into the deep end of the pool for the first time. I’m terrified and excited.

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