How much change would one man choose if one man could choose change?

It's been a season of significant life changes, so I'm changing things up some more

Marcella and I have had a year for the history books. Since last July our lease was abruptly ended, so we quickly bought our first house. Twelve hours after we signed the papers Tropical storm Lee dumped almost 5 feet of water inside that house. Then four days after moving into the house, we learned we were expecting a baby in June. Over the course of the winter I almost joined a startup with my best friend…but decided against it. Shortly thereafter I was unexpectedly promoted at my current job. While adjusting to being a manager, I also considered the possibility of relocating for a potential job at a startup in San Francisco…but decided against that too. And finally, four weeks ago my wife gave birth to an amazing baby boy named James. Because I’m slightly insane, I’ve signed up for another big change in the near future…more on that to come…

A new life, a new website

In two weeks time my life will look completely different from what it did a year ago, so what’s a web developer to do? Redo his website! Say hello to my new site, powered by the awesome Octopress. I’ve been wanting to redo this site ever since I did my first statically generated site for Beer Advent. I love the simplicity of just hosting html files and the complete lack of having to deal with caching, security updates and database backups.

With the change, I hope to make the site more useful. Looking over the dwindling quantity and quality of my posts over the last couple years, it became clear that it was time for an improvement. So I’m starting with an almost blank slate (except for a few posts that were received well). I hope to begin posting with a little more variety, and less politics, shortly. There will still be nerdy tech talk and thoughts on religion. I’m hoping to add more writing about software, processes and stuff that I’ve found useful. Let me know what you think.

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