Link: A Fuckbonnet For Our Time.

This is a colorful critique of Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, and how he’s handled the prevelance of hate speach and misinformation on his platform. I’m consistently torn between the need to stop hate speech and our over eagerness to censor opinions we disagree with. There point where it pivots from one to the other can be more fuzzy than we’d like to admit. I find the perspective in this article clear and compelling.

“The correct 1935 reply to Streicher or Goebbels asserting that Jews secretly drink the blood of baptized Christian babies was not, “We have looked into this claim and found that there is no evidence to support the lie that Jews drink Christian baby blood.” For fuck’s sake, Jack, don’t you understand? Whether such a refutation comes on Twitter or from a mainstream news organization, it succeeds only in granting rhetorical equanimity and status to any and every vile assertion that evil sees fit to utter.”

A Fuckbonnet For Our Time by David Simon

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