Book Review: The Folly of God: A Theology of the Unconditional by John D. Caputo

The Folly of God: A Theology of the Unconditional

By John D. Caputo 2015


This little book took me a lot longer to read that I expected. Caputo explores this concept of the “unconditional” that was new and surprising to me. I found myself asking “but why does this distinction matter” often throughout the book, but as some of his thoughts have settled in my head, I’m understanding the answer to that question a bit more.

To me, this exploration of the unconditional is one of exploring the depths of what it means to be dead to the world (and ourselves) and alive in Christ.

There is so much more to say and consider, but where to start? I’ll just leave it at this: I enjoyed this book and in glad I read it.

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