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I was sitting at home friday night feeling pretty beat up. I had spent the entire week trying to find a bug in a large peice of code that I help support at P’unk Ave and made no progress. I was aching to write some code that worked and I was proud of. I then pulled out my phone to check twitter and saw this tweet:

Why not? I was curious and eager to write some code and refresh my A11Y skills. Three days, 33 issues and 18 pull requests and 9 contributors later, there is

I can honesly say that this is one of most inspiring collaborations I’ve ever worked on. Not simply because of the topic or the fact that I was able to work with people who’s work I’ve long admired. It was the process of how this site was made and how easy github made it. It was incredible to see pull requests coming in for simple bug fixes and new article ideas, discussions on different features and plans for the content. It was a flurry of excited people doing a lot of great work and I’m thankful to have been able to witness it happen and play a small part.

Makre sure to checkout Dave’s post on why he decided to make this.

Now back to that bug…

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