Print your own dot grid paper

Why use a boring regular grid when you could use your own dot grid?

When I came across Behance’s Action Method paper products I loved them. They have a beautiful dot grid that I found much nicer than the standard squared rule of my moleskine. The problem with the Action Method papers is that it’s not exactly what I need. I don’t need the action steps and  I wanted loose papers that I could easily throw on a wall or spread out on a desk. After some searching around for something I decided I’d make one myself. Why not? It would be nice to have some standard template that I could just print out when I needed it. I came across a quarter inch dot grid templates for transparencies  that I used as a base. I played with the dot colors, extended the grid and wala!

A quick sample

Download and print it for yourself!

You have a couple options here. Take what you need!

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